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Hey, so, one of my very dear friends, Seb, is trying to raise money so that he can start medical transition. It’s not my place to talk too much about what this means to him but I can tell you that he has been an incredibly good friend to me — in addition to being one of the smartest, most interesting, and most sensitive people I know, he also more or less rescued me from homelessness around this time last year.

I mean, I feel that this should be an inalienable right. It’s not fair that anybody is limited in their ability to transition by economics, or government policy, or anything other than their judgement. But it seems particularly unfair to me that someone who has been so generous in his life should be prevented for any reason from realising something so important to him and his self-perception.

So if you can afford to donate towards his transition fund that would be fantastic; and if you can’t afford to then if you could reblog this post that would also be wonderful.

Thanks a lot guys! ♡ ♡ ♡

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lol ilu mary

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Interviewer: I asked them (True Blood cast) this and they didn’t really give me a good answer. Is there beef between you two? The two vampire shows?

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